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These plugins are installed to blog's Textpattern system. Here is a list of all the plugins installed, also of those that are not actively used. This table is partly generated in Finnish, so when some row has a word Aktiivinen written in green colour, it means that that plugin is active. This list is updated automatically.

rss_suparchiveRob Sable0.15.1Article listings by date or by category/section
Archive menu by month or year with totals
ob1_titleHenrik Jönsson4.1An enhancement for txp:page_title with more features.Kyllä
rsx_page_numberJean Rajotte (following Ramanan Sivaranjan)4.0Renders diverse page navigation widgetsKyllä
ajw_if_comment_ownerAndrew Waer0.3.1Allows checking one or multiple comment field values to "verify" an indentityKyllä
wet_if_pageRobert Wetzlmayr0.1Conditionally tests for the current page number being member of a list.Kyllä
mdn_section_archiveMark Norton0.3A basic archive list of articles.Kyllä
chh_related_articlesCoke Harrington0.41An enhanced replacement for txp:related_articles.Kyllä
tru_tagsNathan Arthur3.9Article taggingKyllä
glx_ifJohan Nilsson0.7Some conditional tagsKyllä
tcm_rssTom MacWright0.1Parses RSS and Atom feeds, displays with forms.Kyllä
rss_author_infoRob Sable0.2Displays additional information about the author of an article.Kyllä
smd_slimboxStef Dawson0.22Lightweight image gallery lightbox wrapper from Christophe Beyl's SlimboxKyllä
smd_libStef Dawson0.2Shared function library used by smd_ plugins.Kyllä
rsx_plugins_tableRamanan Sivaranjan1.1Display a list of plugins currently installed.Kyllä
rss_auto_excerptRob Sable0.5Automatic article excerptsKyllä
wyn_comment_sofawayne0.3Comment Sofa for Textpattern. Generate a commentor cloud or a list of most commentors. Have fun!Kyllä
rvm_substrRuud van Melick0.3Cut XHTML at a specified character limitKyllä
adi_gpsAdi Gilbert0.1Extract GET & POST variablesKyllä
chs_if_urlvarNoam Samuel0.5Will enable you to make certain areas conditional based on GET variablesKyllä
rah_pluginJukka Svahn0.01bpreRCPlugins are articles and frontend listsKyllä
rah_codeoffJukka Svahn0.1Removes unwanted (X)HTML-tagsKyllä
rah_sitemapJukka Svahn0.1.2Builds a valid advanced sitemapKyllä
wyn_recent_commentswayne0.1Get recent comments list, with contents displayedKyllä
pax_grepJohn Stephens0.1Replace all occurrences of a regular expression with replacements.Kyllä
dzd_counter_viewMessaoudi Rabah (Dragondz)0.3This plugin make a counter view of an article using a custom field for countingKyllä
aks_headermakss0.4.1Strip white spaces and GZIP compress pages on the fly. Set any page headers. Simple 301 redirect with conditions. Etag/If-None-Match supportKyllä
rvm_if_this_articleRuud van Melick0.1conditional tag for detecting the current articleKyllä
rah_metasJukka Svahn1.0.5Outputs simple metas and prevents double contentKyllä
chh_article_customCoke Harrington1.15An enhanced replacement for txp:article and txp:article_custom.Kyllä
chh_article_libCoke Harrington1.04Function library for article list plugins.Kyllä
jmd_countJon-Michael Deldin0.1.1Count stuff.Kyllä
chs_cookieNoam Samuel0.1Will enable you to make certain areas conditional based on cookies variablesKyllä
Korinaa kuopasta is a weblog. Still is.

This blog-like notepad consists of writings about all sorts of topics related to Web. Content comes from blogmaster Pete. In the beginning of this nerdy project writings were published without any CMS. After that there came a system called Coranto. It was replaced with current publishing system, Textpattern, somewhere in 2005 or the next year.