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Things that will come

This is like a placeholder post. I’m testing how this system is working or if it’s not doing that. I have not previously blogged using English, as my so-called skills in this are are somewhat crappy. Hopefully someone is able to work out what I ment to write. (Now and in the future.)

I’ll try to fill this blog with things that are related at least with Red Orchestra and UnrealEd. Those are the two main topics here. Other topics I try to keep in the Finnish side of this thing.

So, welcome to Korinaa kuopasta. That name is, well, Finnish. Loosely translated that would mean something like Growling from the pit.

Koska aika on arvokasta, kannattaa tutustua tähän alla näkyvään listaan jos mielit löytää tämän nettisivuston parhaat kirjoitukset. Tässä alapuolella on kaikkein luetuimpia kirjoituksia Korinaa kuopasta -blogin aarreaitasta. Kirjoitukset on järjestetty suosituimmuusjärjestykseen siten, että luettelon kärjessä on tällä hetkellä eniten lukukertoja saaneet kirjoitukset.

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Bitten kommentoi 4142 päivää sitten

Wow, you really have crappy English… “blogged using English”, “ment to write”. :D

What about the RSS feed of this blog? There’s only a link to your Finnish blog’s RSS, and this post doesn’t seem to be on that feed.

Sorry for my crappy English.

Petri kommentoi 4141 päivää sitten

Yes, thanks dude. Very heart-lifting comment from you. I think that I shall not touch that original blog post even there might be errors in there. It’s nice to leave something behind that one can later be ashamed of. :-)

RSS feed is an excellent point! That one can be done. Also I try to change date format correctly to this side of blog. As you know, in Finland we have fairly simple way to show what day is. In English some people use something like mm/dd/yyyy, but do you happen to know if it is like a standard way to do this?

Bitten kommentoi 4141 päivää sitten

Sorry for being mean :D

From what I’ve seen, yeah, I think in the States the standard is mm/dd/yyyy. You could also use something like february, dd, yyyy.

Gocom kommentoi 4140 päivää sitten

but do you happen to know if it is like a standard way to do this?

There are plenty of correct ways to present timestamps [1], presenting over three standardish delimiters. Possibly most readable is the format Bitten suggested; Month/abbr dd, YYYY or dd Month/abbr YYYY.

Petri, what comes to your English, it’s fine. It’s well formed and is readable. Over time you will build up your skillset and get the confidence to use your own textual style — and I’m not referring to sexual moans ;)

I can honestly say that I write more in English than in Finnish, I also speak it quite a bit, but you’re way better than me, I and us. My English sucks, I don’t even know how to use two articles, a/an. Now, who is the real sucker? Not you ;)

Petri kommentoi 4140 päivää sitten

Gocom kindly wrote about things that suck. I’ll continue to fill that list. At this moment it seems like I accidentally … the whole Textpattern. Crap.

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